Welcome to the online home of the Buffalo Shotokan Karate Club.
Buffalo Shotokan Karate offers instruction to children, teenagers and adults in traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate.
Training is held twice a week, and beginners are always welcome; feel free to stop by and observe a training session.
The Buffalo Shotokan Karate Club is a member of the International Shotokan Karate Federation, the largest Shotokan Karate organization in North and South America.
Shotokan is a style of karate developed from various martial arts by Master Gichin Funakoshi (1868 ~ 1957).
Master Funakoshi is generally credited with having introduced and popularized karate on the main islands of Japan.
"Shoto" (meaning "pine waves") was Master Funakoshi's pen name; the Japanese "kan" means "house" or "hall".
In honor of their sensei, his students created a sign reading shoto-kan, which was placed above the entrance to the hall where Master Funakoshi taught.

Shotokan is one of the most widely practiced styles of karate in the world today, and one of the most traditional. Students learn to defend themselves using the hips, body core, and low stances to make strong, coordinated movements.
In addition to learning self defense, students will also discover that traditional karate places great emphasis on self development. This is exemplified by the "Dojo Kun" or "Dojo Precepts" of Master Gichin Funakoshi:
1. Seek perfection of character
2. Be faithful
3. Endeavor
4. Respect others
5. Refrain from violent behavior